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Anthropological Journal of European Cultures

From 2014, the IRC hosts the editorial office of the Anthropological Journal of European Cultures (AJEC), published by Berghahn (New York & Oxford). AJEC serves as an important forum for ethnographic research in and on Europe, which in this context is not defined narrowly as a geopolitical entity but rather as a meaningful cultural construction in people's lives, which both legitimates political power and calls forth practices of resistance and subversion. By presenting both new field studies and theoretical reflections on the history and politics of studying culture in Europe anthropologically, AJEC encompasses different academic traditions of engaging with its subject, from social and cultural anthropology to European ethnology and empirische Kulturwissenschaften.

Call for papers for special issue on Anthropology and Literature

The guest editors, Laurent Sebastian Fournier and Máiréad Nic Craith, invite proposals for new and original contributions to a special thematic issue, focusing on relationships between anthropology and literature. We welcome contributions concerning the following topics in a European context: the role of literature in anthropology; literature as ethnography; relationships between anthropology and literature, past and present; the use of anthropology and anthropological motives in literature; famous writers as anthropologists/ethnographers; famous ethnographers as authors; the influence of literature on the invention of traditions, rituals, and cultural performances; literacy, illiteracy and popular culture; and textual strategies for ethnographer. Please send your proposals (around 300-350 words) to AJEC@ulster.ac.uk by 15 March 2015. Proposals will then be peer-reviewed and a selection made.

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