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The IRC is one of two research centres associated with the Departmant of Languages and Intercultural Studies (LINCS) at Heriot-Watt University. Below you can view the latest news about what's going on in LINCS or you can visit their website http://lifeinlincs.org

  • Moving Languages Newsletter – Summer 2017

    Jul 18 2017 | 13:12 pm

    by Katerina Strani This newsletter is also available in Finnish, Italian¬†and Swedish. Moving Languages is an Erasmus+ international project with partners in 6 EU countries. In this project, we are developing a mobile application for refugees, migrants and other language[…]

  • LINCS hosts mega-conference on Innovations in Deaf Studies

    Jun 21 2017 | 09:16 am

    by Annelies Kusters   In late 2016, I got the idea to organise a small (!) book launch when I realised that I could gather at least five of the authors of “Innovations in Deaf Studies: The Role of Deaf[…]

  • DGI SCIC virtual classes starting in LINCS !

    Jun 6 2017 | 11:40 am

    by Fanny Chouc LINCS held its first virtual conference interpreting class in cooperation with SCIC today, with a select group of talented MA and MSc students. Thanks to the support of our AV team, we were able to set up[…]


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