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Tourism, Organisations and Marketing

This cluster presents culture as both subject and object. Cultural perspectives on core management areas such as marketing, tourism, hospitality, leadership and entrepreneurship are explored; and the history, practices and discourse of contemporary global industries are considered to act as lenses into our understanding of culture and society. Planned studies include: corporate heritage and how companies communicate that heritage; marketing and leadership from an intercultural perspective; hedonistic marketing and consumption; philosophical and ethical underpinnings of management practice; and methodological developments in the cultural field that may extend core management theory.


Prof. Kevin D O'Gorman

Staff Members

Dr Norin Arshed

Dr Keith Gori

Dr Sean Lochrie

Dr Andrew McLaren

Dr James Richards

Dr Kate Sang

Dr Babak Taherik                                                                                                                                          

Dr Robert MacIntosh      

Postgraduate Members

Ross Curran

Jack Gordon

Colin Gregor                                                                                         

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