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Membership of the IRC is open in principle to anyone who shares the IRC's aims and objectives and can demonstrate an active commitment to research and scholarship in a relevant subject or across a number of fields. All members are considered "full" members for the purposes of contributing to the running of the IRC and voting at the AGM. Membership categories therefore simply reflect individual members' position in relation to University structures and processes.

Staff members will normally be on the staff of SML.

Postgraduate members will normally be research students at SML; postgraduate membership is also open to students taking a research-based Master's degree (e.g., MRes) at SML or study for any taught postgraduate degree offered under the aegis of the IRC.

Staff and research students of other Schools or Institutes at Heriot-Watt may, respectively, become Affiliate members or Affiliate Postgraduate members.

Cluster leaders, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may from time to time appoint Associate members to work with their cluster on specific projects or on strategic programme development.

For the above categories, the key criterion for sustained membership is a member's ability to demonstrate an active and on-going commitment to the work of the IRC.

The Director, in consultation with the Executive Committee, may from time to time

nominate individuals to be appointed by the University as Visiting Professors. In the specific context of the IRC, such nominations will normally reflect a specific, major contribution to the IRC's strategic aims and objectives, details of which are normally agreed in writing as part of the individual's formal appointment.

admit other individuals to IRC membership, such as Visiting Fellows or Interns.

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