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Forthcoming in 2020

Our events programme for the new year is taking shape!


11 February 2020     16:15     EF26  


  IRC Seminar: Francisco Martinez (Leicester)
Politics of Recuperation. Repair and Recovery in Post-Crisis Portugal
12 February 2020     16:15     tbc       IRC Seminar: Francisco Martinez (Leicester)
The Materiality of Thinking. Working the Boundaries of Objects, Anthropology and Contemporary Art
10 March 2020     16:15     EF26       IRC Seminar: Sheena Carlisle (Cardiff Metropolitan)
Sustainable Tourism
18 March 2020     p.m.     tbc       CTISS / IRC Joint Seminar:
Translating Scotland's Heritage: Audio Description and Museum Accessibility
12-17 May 2020     Basel     Spring School, “Transformations” Doctoral Training Network
June 2020 (tbc)                   IRC Symposium 2020
July 2020 (tbc)      Aberdeen     Creative Ethnology Studio
Summer 2020 (tbc)     Inverness     AIR Indigenous Futures Summit
Autumn 2020 (tbc)     p.m.     tbc       IRC Seminar: Marilyn Booth (Oxford)
Translating Literature


Summer 2020 (tbc) AIR Indigenous Futures Summit, Inverness
Autumn 2020 (tbc) IRC Seminar: Marilyn Booth (Oxford) - Translation

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