IRC Research Seminar

 Wednesday 21 Februar 2018, 3:15-4:15pm 

Dr Rebecca Crowther, Edinburgh College of Art  Journeys

Journeys to the Ideal Self: personal transformation through group encounters of rural landscapes in Scotland

Room MB162, Riccarton Campus

Registration closed

In this seminar Rebecca Crowther will discuss research findings from her PhD, which she completed in December 2017. Rebecca’s research is ethnographic and transdisciplinary. Her PhD thesis explains why group encounters with rural landscapes in Scotland are deemed to be positive for mental well-being and personal transformation. She explores the intangible, ineffable and ephemeral experience of diverse case study groups. Rebecca considers that the ‘nature experience’ is relational between the self, the social and place. To remain responsive to her research communities she has developed a framework for serendipitous ethnography. Her PhD thesis provides an account of cognitive, social and cultural experience in this remit. Further details about Rebecca are available here.