This is a recording of an interview with emProf. Mairéad Nic Craith about her latest book, broadcast on the Irish-language radio station Radio na Gaeltachta. 

Media Representations of Musical Pasts in Contemporary France

On 30 November 2018, the official world premiere of the folk oratorio Rivers of Our Being took place at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Professor Ullrich Kockel explores how we might be able to recover the terms of ecologically well-grounded being and employ them creatively to grow resilient, socially and culturally sustainable communities.

Being an expert on all things to do with heritage, Máiréad was invited by the United Nations in 2011 to advise on access to heritage as a human right.

Trailer for a blockbuster movie based on the workshop of the international doctoral training programme "Transformations in European Societies".

The IRC's Prof. Máiréad Nic Craith was a speaker at an international symposium on The Role of Living Culture in Identities and Sustainable Community Development, in 2015.

Our People

Regional Expertise: India, Scotland
Research Interests: design heritage
Regional Expertise: France, United Kingdom
Research Interests: celebrity, gender, generationality, media, nostalgia, popular music, popular culture, sexuality