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Virtual Museum Launched

Co curators meet in Orkney

Following more than two years of working together across various islands and between both island groupings, the “New Connections Across the Northern Isles” virtual museum, assembled by people throughout Shetland and Orkney, was launched in May 2019.

'Engaged scholarship at its best'

oratorio2On St Andrew's Day 2018, the CoHERE oratorio had its well-attended world premiere at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Described by an audience member as "engaged scholarship at its best", Rivers of Our Being was composed by the Latvian ethnomusicologist Valdis Muktupāvels (Latvian Academy of Culture), and performed by an ensemble of some twenty musicians and singers (including the IRC's Naomi Harvey), conducted by ethnomusicologist Simon McKerrell (Newcastle University). The IRC's Cristina Clopot efficiently and effectively organised and managed the event, and  Máiréad Nic Craith and Ullrich Kockel recited thematic readings between the musical pieces

Sustainable Communities Heritage Festival 2018

EYCH2018 LogosSignature Yellow EN

Between 31 October and 30 November 2018, we will be exploring sustainable approaches to community heritages as part of our CoHERE project. 

Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience

AIR logo

The IRC's Prof. Ullrich Kockel has been invited to join the Board of the AIR, an international network that aims to increase social-ecological resilience – the co-evolution of social-human and ecological systems - through connecting and supporting locally based innovations in participating regions and countries, emphasizing new kinds of collaboration across cultures, disciplines, sectors and national borders. 

Prof. Kockel, who leads the IRC's Sustainable Communities research group, said: "I am delighted to be asked to join this global network, which is an important intercultural initiative bringing together old wisdom and new knowledge to support life-sustaining ways of being." 

The Alliance is building an international network of resilience hubs, including the Common Good Food Hub in Scotland, and is working on an interdisciplinary research and publications programme.

Read more here.

Finnish Visitor at the IRC

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This April a Finnish colleague will be visiting the IRC. Pia Olsson is University lecturer in European Ethnology at the University of Helsinki. She is interested in how people experience urban space and how they remember and articulate their lives in urban settings. She has also conducted ethnographic fieldwork to understand cultural encounters among youth. Her latest project ‘Shared city’ analyses the ways urban public and semi-public spaces affect interethnic encounters.

Studentships 2018-21


The IRC welcomes enquiries from prospective research students interested in pursuing MPhil/PhD study. The competition for 2018-21 is now closed.

Linguistic sustainability

Monday 11 December 2017, 3pm, room PG304donnaPatrick


Prof. Donna Patrick, Carleton University, Ottawa


Linguistic sustainability, local knowledge, and transformation in the Arctic

Donna Patrick is an anthropologist whose research focuses on Indigenous and minority language politics, policies, rights, and practices in Canada and the Arctic. This research has revolved around the issues of language endangerment, language socialization, language education policy and practice, critical literacies, and social semiotics. Most recently, she has been involved in participatory action research and the recording of life histories and stories with Inuit in Ottawa and Montreal. This research explores Inuit identities, literacies, and the construction of place in transnational contexts through objects, food, and community radio.


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