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IRC Seminars 2014/15

Semester 1

8 October 2014, 4.30pm, (MBG20)

Andreas Hackl
Journalist and Researcher, School for Social and Political Sciences, University of Edinburgh 
Culture and Power among Palestinians in Tel Aviv: Intercultural Perspectives


22 October 2014, 4.30 pm (MBG20)

Alison Phipps
Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies, University of Glasgow
Are Languages Intangible Cultural Heritage? Perspectives fromTourism, Migration and Family Reunion


19 November 2014, 4.30 pm (MBG14)

Katherine Lloyd
Research Associate, International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies, Newcastle University
Fostering an inclusive sense of place? Rethinking the Impact of Museums in Scotland in an Age of Migrations


10 December 2014, 2.00 pm (BEC)

Ethnographers' Gathering (2)