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Waterscape Heritages

A one-day workshop entitled "Waterscape Heritages" was held in Edinburgh on Thursday, 3 July 2014, organised jointly by the IRC, the University of Ulster's Irish and Celtic Studies Research Institute, and Learning for Sustainability Scotland. Taking the idea of waterscapes (rivers, lakes, seas and so on) as a conceptual basis, and diverse heritages (natural / cultural, tangible / intangible, and so on) as thematic threads to explore, the workshop wove together different disciplinary and artistic approaches to, and insights into, the wisdom that "sits in places" (Basso 1996). The meeting brought together researchers from the "Stories of the Sea" project at the University of Ulster, covering the coastal areas in the North of Ireland and the West of Scotland; participants of last year's "Source to Sea" workshop on the heritage of the Clyde in Glasgow; participants of the IRC's recent "Doing Things Differently" workshop, organized by Heriot-Watt University's Intercultural Research Centre jointly with Learning for Sustainability Scotland; and others interested in exploring the idea of "Waterscape Heritages".

For further details, please contact Prof. Ullrich Kockel.