Heriot Watt University

Cross-Disciplinary Forum on Migration

Joint event by The Urban Institute and the IRC.

Wednesday 13 September 2017, 1:00 - 3:00pm.

Room WA311, Riccarton Campus

Issues related to migration and border control have featured extensively in current political developments both in the US and Europe and attracted high levels of media attention. This has foregrounded rhetoric based on the claims of citizenship, territorialism, national security and fear or hostility towards ‘the other,’ while obscuring understanding of the diverse drivers, processes and consequences of migratory flows and their impacts on spaces, places and people. Responses to understanding the phenomenon of migration increasingly call for approaches which cut across disciplinary borders.

The Urban Institute and the Intercultural Research Centre invited all whose work relates to the flow of movement of people to come together to share areas of interest with a view to exploring opportunities for research collaboration.

This was a joint event by The Urban Institute and the IRC. Participants agreed that it should be the first of a regular series of events concerned with migration research.

For further details, please contact Gina Netto (g.netto@hw.ac.uk)


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