Heriot Watt University

Rethinking Racism

 Wednesday 22 November 2017, 4:15-5:30pm 

Gilligan Fotor Fotor

Dr Chris Gilligan, Open Borders Scotland

Rethinking racism, beyond "race relations": taking the social construction of "race" seriously when theorising racism

Room PG2.02, Riccarton Campus


The seminar looks at two phenomena that are rarely examined together - racism and sectarianism. Many of the prominent themes in debates on racism and anti-racism in the UK today - the role of religion, racism and 'terrorism', community cohesion - were central to discussions on sectarianism in Northern Ireland during the conflict and peace process. The analysis presented provides a sustained critique of the Race Relations paradigm that dominates official anti-racism and sketches out some elements of an emancipatory anti-racism.


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