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Jane G Bell

Research Interests
education, human rights, identity, intercultural dialogue, minority languages, women
Regional Expertise
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I am an Assistant Professor in a School of Social Sciences. My background is diverse, ranging from Social Anthropology and Scottish Studies to EAP (English for Academic Purposes), my main professional role. I am an early researcher and have published a small number of papers and a book chapter on the (inter)cultural and affective aspects of teaching and learning and also on aspects of EAP (the value of embedding Academic skills provision in degree courses). My current research involves diversity and bullying in HE.

Publications Bell, J. & Richardson, J. (05/10/19) Evaluation of a Diversity Awareness Induction Session. Pre-sessional Teacher Induction: Diversity in Higher Education, EAP in Ireland, University College, Cork. Available from: Bell, J. & Richardson, J. (2021) Reflecting on the cultural assumptions we bring to teaching: one strategy for improving classroom interaction, in D. Dippold & M. Heron (eds.) Meaningful Teaching Interaction at the Internationalised University: Moving from Research to Impact. London: Routledge. Bell, J. & Guion-Akdağ, E. (2018) In-sessional Academic Skills (AS) provision using the CEM model: A case study at Heriot-Watt University, in Papers from the Professional Issues Meeting (PIM) on In-sessional English for Academic Purposes held at London School of Economics 19 March 2016. Available from: Bell, J. & Kipar, N. (2016) How can lecturers and students in higher education improve their intercultural awareness, and in the process create a more inclusive international teaching and learning environment? Equality and diversity in learning and teaching in higher education. HEA, pp.86-101. Bell, J., Strani, K. & Ahmad, J. (2021), Dignity and Diversity in the Workplace in M. Nic Craith & K. Strani (eds.) Intercultural Issues in Business Management. In press. Strani, K., Bell, J., Castillo, P. and Karanasiou, P. (2021) Multicultural Communication in the Business Workplace, in M. Nic Craith & K. Strani (eds.) Intercultural Issues in Business Management. In press.