Heriot Watt University


The IRC aims to foster high-impact inter-and trans-disciplinary research on cultural issues, with particular focus on international and comparative work and an emphasis on applied dimensions of culture (defined broadly in anthropological terms).[1]

For each planning period, a set of key themes are identified, drawing on a wide spectrum of interests and expertise, and providing an overarching framework for the IRC's activities. During 2014-19, our key research themes were:

  • Cultural Heritage, Language and the Public Space
  • Popular Culture and Media
  • Cultural Resource Management

The key themes are currently under review.


  1. Interdisciplinarity involves interaction among two or more disciplines and occurs at the interface between disciplines. It may range from sharing of ideas to full integration of concepts and methodology. Transdisciplinarity facilitates emergence of new data and new interactions between disciplines, and offers us a new vision of nature and reality.