Heriot Watt University

ASA14 - Home

Imaginaries of home

Location [TBD]
Date and Start Time 21 June, 2014 at 09:00


Ullrich Kockel (Heriot Watt University)
Vitalija Stepusaityte (Heriot-Watt University)

Home' is a fluid concept in today's transnational world. How are cultural expressions of home, or 'home' as a cultural concept, affected and shaped by cultural encounters? Is home a social (with you) or individual (within you) phenomenon that can be grasped ontologically, even if it is different for cultural actors? Transnationalism involves processes whereby traits originating elsewhere are (gradually) understood in terms of, and adapted to, the local, or whereby a person originating elsewhere gradually comes to terms with and adapts to his/her new locale (and the locale with/to him/her). Our interdisciplinary panel on home engages with interpretations, translations, transformations and adaptations of 'home' in different contexts, drawing attention to the cultural embeddedness of 'home' as well as to its ecological relationality. We are interested in comparing the un/homely stories of migration - both those of the marginalised migrants (e.g. asylum seekers) and those of the economically privileged migrants (e.g. highly paid professionals) - with the stories, memories and emotions of those who stay at home. By referring to cultural imaginaries in our title, we explicitly seek to connect research on home in diverse fields such as ethnology, anthropology, sociology, architecture and linguistics with literary and artistic perspectives.


Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth



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