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Socio-cultural and linguistic sustainability and renewable energy development in island communitiesAndrew Wood Spurness Solstice

An interdisciplinary perspective

On 11 December 2017, Heriot-Watt University hosted a workshop to better understand how local communities perceive and understand the effects of climate change and renewable energy development on their social and cultural sustainability.


This workshop event, which is organised by Prof. Bernadette O'Rourke, brought together researchers from a wide range of academic backgrounds and research experiences on the ground in Orkney, Shetland, and the Hebrides, who worked towards building an in-depth understanding of the lived experience of environmental change and energy development in these island communities, with a view to informing the development of proposals for further collaborative research.

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Our People

Research Interests: crafts, ICH, traditional knowledge
Regional Expertise: United Kingdom
Research Interests: employment, gender, migration, non-human animals

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