Heriot Watt University

International Doctoral Programme

Transformations in European Societies

Postgraduate students undertaking doctoral research at the IRC may apply to join an international doctoral training programme on “Transformations in European Societies”, operated jointly with the universities of Basle, Graz, Copenhagen, Munich (Ludwig Maximilian University), Murcia and Tel Aviv. The programme is focussed on three closely linked research areas that are specifically useful for learning about social change and different approaches in the social sciences:

  • migration, mobility, multilocality
  • urban anthropology, and
  • ethnographies of work.

Further details are available here.

barcelona 2010  simone egger

The autumn 2013 workshop of the programme took place at Heriot-Watt from 28 October to 2 November 2013.

The next workshop will be hosted by the University of Tel Aviv in September 2014.