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PG Research Students

Postgraduate membership of the IRC is normally through a supervisor. Research students at the University not supervised by IRC staff, but whose project connects with one or more of the IRC's themes, may become associated postgraduate members.  

Nicola Bermingham
Supervisors: Dr. Bernadette O’Rourke, Prof. Mairead Nic Craith
Area of thesis research: sociolinguistics; migration studies; minority languages
Contact me: nb199@hw.ac.uk
Sara Brennan
Supervisors: Dr. Bernadette O’Rourke, Prof. Mike Danson
Area of thesis research: language and economy, minority languages, language policy
Contact me: scb31@hw.ac.uk
Cristina Clopot
Supervisors: Prof. Mairead Nic Craith, Prof. Ullrich Kockel
Area of thesis research: traditions, material culture, rituals, identity, Old Believers
Contact me: cec30@hw.ac.uk
Ross Curran
Supervisors: Prof. Kevin O'Gorman, Dr. Babak Taheri
Area of thesis research: volunteer management, brand heritage, the volunteering process model. 
United Kingdom
Contact me: rwc2@hw.ac.uk
Ashvin I Devasundaram
Supervisors: Dr. Maggie Sargeant, Dr Christopher Tinker
Area of thesis research: cinema, cultural theory
Contact me: aid2@hw.ac.uk
Keith Gori
Supervisors: Prof. Kevin O’Gorman, Prof. Gillian Hogg
Area of thesis research: alcohol advertising, regulation and control of alcohol, alcohol and the Home Front
United Kingdom
Contact me: K.Gori@hw.ac.uk
Emma Hill
Supervisors: Prof. Mairead Nic Craith. Dr. Katerina Strani
Area of thesis research: immigration, cultural policy, voice, identity, the subaltern, social discourse
Scotland, Somalia
Contact me: ech2@hw.ac.uk
Darren Jubb
Supervisors: Dr. William Jackson, Prof. Nick Paisey
Area of thesis research: links between accounting and popular culture
Contact me: dj80@hw.ac.uk
Sean Lochrie
Supervisors: Prof. Kevin O’Gorman, Dr. Raquel de Pedro Ricoy
Area of thesis research:
regional foci
Contact me: sl481@hw.ac.uk
Gavin Maclean
Supervisors: Prof. Abigail Marks, Dr. James Richards
Area of thesis research: cultural work, sociology of work, sociolinguistics
Scotland, United Kingdom
Contact me: gm218@hw.ac.uk
Anik Nandi
Supervisors: Dr. Bernadette O’Rourke, Prof. Mairead Nic Craith
Area of thesis research: bilingualism, language policy
India, Galicia
Contact me: an230@hw.ac.uk
Rasheed Ojikutu
Supervisors: Prof. Nicolina Kamenou-Aigbekaen, Dr. James Richards
Area of thesis research: culture and economy, esp. human resources management, cultural impact on workplace lived experiences
Africa, esp. Nigeria
Contact me: rbo7@hw.ac.uk
Dolores Ruiz-Lozano
Supervisors: Prof. Isabelle Perez, Dr. Bernadette O’Rourke
Area of thesis research:
regional foci
Contact me: dr105@hw.ac.uk
Rafal Sitko
Supervisors: Dr. Kate Sang, Dr. James Richards
Area of thesis research: inequality in the workplace; intersections of migration, gender, class and ethnicity
Scotland, Poland
Contact me: rs377@hw.ac.uk
Vitalija Stepušaitytė
Supervisors: Prof. Ullrich Kockel, Dr. Kerstin Pfeiffer
Area of thesis research: migration, imaginaries of "home"
Scotland, Lithuania
Contact me: vs162@hw.ac.uk
Xiao Zhao
Supervisors: Dr Svenja B Wurm, Prof. Graham Turner
Area of thesis research:
regional foci
Contact me: xz115@hw.ac.uk

Our People

Regional Expertise: Scotland, Somalia
Research Interests: cultural policy, immigration, social discourse, subaltern
Regional Expertise: European Union, Republic of Ireland
Research Interests: cultural policy, memory
Regional Expertise: European Union
Phone No: 01314513607
Research Interests: community, education, landscape, walking

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