Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience

2019 Year of Indigenous Languages Initiative

The Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience (AIR) is excited to announce that for the remainder of 2018 and 2019 Air will be supporting the UNESCO sponsored 2019 year of Indigenous Languages through prioritizing the revitalization of Indigenous Languages as part of our work. We are interested not only in the relationship between Indigenous languages and bio-cultural diversity but also in how Indigenous languages can be helpful to all peoples in generating a more connected relationship with mother earth. 

Intergenerational Resilience Campaign

AIR kicked off a new phase with a second Seeding Intergenerational Resilience II crowd fundraising campaign and a series of talks by Lewis Williams, which all took place in Scotland! Videos of these talks are available to watch here and here.

Additionally, a thought provoking article written by the Chairperson of the Scottish based organization Common Good Food and AIR Board Member Fergus Walker on intergenerational resilience and food sovereignty is available here